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Clouds of Shifting Light

December 2019

A luminous and evocative memoir of one mother’s grief and her search for wholeness in the wilds of Iceland.  

At forty, Carolanne Wright thought she had lost everything. Reeling from her toddler son’s sudden and tragic death, her health began a downward spiral and her core relationships fractured. With crushing depression and an infant daughter to raise, her days morphed into a singular struggle for sanity.

In desperation, she abandoned her home and traveled the world in search of renewal. The journey took mother and daughter across the globe, from the lush jungles of Thailand to the unexpected beauty of the Republic of Georgia and the vibrancy of Central Mexico.

But it wasn’t until hidden grief came crashing to the surface years later that she made the most radical decision of her life. Without training or experience, driven only by a mysterious force of will, she bicycled and camped for five months through Northern California, then the wilds of Iceland—alone. 

Told with searing honesty and fierce humor, Clouds of Shifting Light is a meditation on the joys and sorrows of life—and how what breaks us can ultimately set us free.

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